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In addition to other endeavors, I have begun releasing Personal Journals and Sketchbooks on

Amazon that use my art as the covers. They can be found in the 'Books' section on Amazon.  

I am also writing three books that are in the process of finalizing them for print.

They are as varied in subject manner as my background.

My first published book is a self-help for managers in sales and operations. This will be followed by a children's book, specifically for young children. And my third book is also a self-help book and targeted to parents of high school age athletes and the many scholarship opportunities for
high school student-athletes.

Lead Like a
football Coach

Lead Like A Football Coach is an entertaining and informative book for managers that want to better evaluate their staffs and find unique, successful ways to create the best fit for the abilities of their staffs. This in turn creates efficiencies and a more positive work environment which improves staff happiness and retention. The book uses management philosophies and techniques used by successful football coaches.


Lead Like A Football Coach contains chapters with specific topics that are quick reads and ones that managers can continue to access again and again. 

Parallel Lines

Coming Soon....

Two new books are on the horizon ....

One is a fun book for younger children about the addition of a child to a family, while the other 

is a great resource for parents who have high school student-athletes looking for scholarship opportunities.

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