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I provide creative solutions for businesses and people....

I have always been a promoter, marketer and coach,

but what I have really been is a creative problem solver.

Long before it was my official occupation, I was a singer finding solutions

to promote my band Kansas, then later as a football coach and

athletics director promoting our programs, defining game strategies, recruiting players and helping people find purpose and direction.

After football, while I was always promoting and selling something,
and I was continually devising solutions to help someone or

something improve and be successful.

In the 1990's and 2000's, I was a marketing strategist by title

and profession with my own successful businesses or as a

media executive in managing television or radio groups

and website companies.  All the while, I was creating solutions

to improve sales, make the workplace better and

keep people motivated to be part of a winning team.

Whether it's marketing, sales, organization, branding,

market positioning or workflow efficiencies,

my strength is creating solutions.  
As a life long learner, with immensely diverse experiences,
I continue to educate myself with evolving technologies
and strategies to create solutions 
to help any

business or individual improve their situation.

Reach out and we can discuss if I'm right for your situation! 
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