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Multi-color abstract using 15 colors in a patterned, geometric format that resembles a Court Jester. The shape is an intential 'C' for the word 'Cancer'. The imagery of the Court Jester is meant to ridicule the disease. This piece was influenced by my cancer ribbon colors I used on my Parade of Hearts piece called 'KC Conquering Cancer'.


  • Medium: acrylic on wood
  • Dimension: 30″ x 48"
  • Composition: 1 wood piece 30″ x 48" 
  • Format: vertical
  • Support: Wood Piece
  • Finish: two layers of acrylic varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the piece
  • Edges: the edges are painted allowing the work to be hung without being framed
  • It’s a unique painting you won’t find anywhere else
  • The piece is both signed and countersigned
  • It comes with a a certificate of authenticity


Delivery: USPS

Purchase: Use our site's Contact Us page to reach us

Court Jester

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