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I am an American artist known both as the original lead singer of the rock band 'Kansas' and as a painter renowned for my abstract works. My art delves into themes of overcoming obstacles in life, particularly in the realm of health, with a special focus on battling cancer.


Throughout my paintings, you'll find a vibrant expression of hope and resilience, often symbolized by the colors of cancer ribbons intertwined with imagery of triumph and healing. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, my creations are characterized by multi-layered fields of color, texture, and patterns.


Witnessing the impact of disease on individuals and their loved ones has deeply influenced my artistic vision. I'm captivated by the strength and positivity exhibited by those facing such challenges, and my art reflects their journey, exploring themes of spirituality and hope amidst adversity.


In a world often fraught with distractions, I aspire for my paintings to stand as beacons of inspiration and solace. They serve as focal points, inviting viewers to contemplate and embrace the power of hope and healing in overcoming fear and illness.

I am continually working on my 'Conquering Cancer' series. It is a concept I began when I was selected in 2022 to be one of 150 Kansas City area artists the 'KC Parade of Hearts' art project. I was fortunate to be selected again in 2024 with a design specific to the importance of 'Caregivers' as they deal with the struggles of those they needing care. 

I am quite appreciative of the positive reviews and feedback for my art. This has resulted in commissions and in turn, only fueled my passion to do more work.

If you are interested in any of my art, feel free to purchase existing works or reach out to me to do commission pieces.

Much love......

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