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I was always intrigued by painting long before I started. I visited any art museum I could, but despite the life long interest, I never painted. Years ago, I was struck with an image I wanted to paint. It was so vivid in my mind that I couldn't move on from it. I had to give it a try! It was an abstract image, so I studied various forms of abstract art and became obsessed with the immediacy of acrylics and specifically, expressionist and minimalist styles. 

The result was a growing interest in experimentation and pushing myself to new styles and techniques. My focus began with abstract pieces, but I also became interested in fluid art due to the mixing of colors and that each piece is unpredictable in its' outcome. As much as I enjoy fluid art, my passion continues in challenging myself with abstract pieces.

My abstract style loves the chaos in pieces with an underlying structure and symmetry that helps add some balance to each piece. My art centers on depicting the conflicts that humans face, as well as when opposing inanimate concepts are put in close contact. 

I am continually working on my 'Conquering Cancer' series. It is a concept I began when I was selected to be one of 150 Kansas City area artists in the recent 'KC Parade of Hearts' art project. This site includes pieces in that series and eventually will include a line of apparel. In the near future, I will be finalizing my work on two new series that emphasize struggle and conflict.

I am quite appreciative of the positive reviews and feedback for my art. This has resulted in commissions and in turn, only fueled my passion to do more work.

If you are interested in any of my art, feel free to purchase existing works or reach out to me to do commission pieces.

Much love......

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