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Lynn Meredith

Artist ~ Musician ~ Sculpter 

"My background is pretty diverse, but no matter what endeavor I pursue,
it always centered on creativity"

I am an American Artist and Musician and a founding member and original lead singer of the

rock band Kansas.


It is interesting to me that the true passion of my life emerged a few years ago when I began painting. 

Even though I've loved to sing my entire life, painting gives me as much or more personal satisfaction.

My art style is described on the 'Artist' page
and my pieces can be seen on this site, as well as
Instagram, FaceBook,
TikTok and YouTube.

My singing roots began at 13 in rhythm and blues, later branching out into progressive rock

in my late teens. It led to helping create the rock band Kansas.


After Kansas, I went to college and became a Football Coach and Athletics Administrator for 11 years at Kansas State, Panhandle State and

Pittsburg State Universities. 


I left coaching for business where I managed radio and television groups, an internet company, as well as an educational supply company. I also worked with Internationally known singer, Andy Williams,

as Producer/Manager of his theatre and

restaurant in Branson, Missouri. 

In 2004 the 2nd version of Kansas re-formed under the name of Proto Kaw. We released four albums and toured the US and Europe.


I've also recorded on two international collaborative albums by Stardust Reverie and with Plastique, a band I worked with in the 1980’s.

In 2011, I was honored to be inducted in the Manhattan High School 'Wall of Fame' and

in 2015, Proto Kaw was inducted in the

'Kansas Music Hall of Fame'.

In all areas of my business life, I loved creating solutions, products and strategies. I always

assumed it was a holdover passion from

the days promoting my bands.

I have just begun to release Journals and Sketch Books with my art as covers on Amazon.

I also hope to release some or all of the

three books I'm currently writing and a line of apparel in the near future.



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